About The Informer

Dear reader,

It’s not credible. I know it’s not credible, and that I put my career in jeopardy by making this material available, but how can I do otherwise?

There are two reasons I have to let others see this material: First, if I keep it all to myself, certainly I will burst from the pent-up anxiety. I cannot know what I know… I cannot have read the things I have read, and be the only one carrying the burden of its knowledge. I suppose it’s proof of the axiom that misery loves company, although in this case it’s more that misery requires company, especially if my good friend sanity is to continue its important role in my life.

Second, if the materials have even an ounce of credibility, we have to prepare.

I’ll just start with the most basic statement of fact, and the most preposterous thing I will ever contend: I’m receiving newsletters from the future.

There. If you read that and decide you want to read further, rest assured that it’s the most absurd thing you’ll have to take in. All the rest is relatively easy to absorb compared to that. So onward…

I was doing a search in my file folders for a document I have about flu preparedness, so I was searching for the word “pandemic.” Several hits came up, since I have done crisis-communications planning in the past, but a few documents that showed up on the list were new to me, in a folder I had never seen before. When I accessed the folder, I saw that the strange files all registered as showing up on my computer on the same day (November 6, 2010), within minutes of each other, but I had never seen them before.

When I opened them, I found the content difficult to fathom, and assumed my computer had been hacked somehow. That’s still a possible explanation, and one I’d prefer, to be quite honest, but my Norton security program doesn’t indicate any such breach.

I’ve found several issues of the newsletter, which is called the Gilead Informer. They are dated April, May, and June of 2019, and they depict the Bethel Gilead area (in Central Vermont, where I live) very much as we know it today, but struggling through a difficult set of circumstances. From what I can tell, there has been some kind of pandemic that has dramatically reduced the population of the U.S., and it looks like only 17 households in the Gilead have survived.
Some of the files appear to have been corrupted, with photographs missing or distorted, and some of the text comes out as gibberish. But most of it is in good shape, and paints a rather complete picture of the often bleak situation. If anyone knows what to make of these, I’d be grateful for any advice. Otherwise, I’ll just take some small comfort in knowing that I’m not burdened with this knowledge alone.

My best regards to you,
Jamal Kheiry


One response to “About The Informer

  1. cygnusprime

    Hi Jamal: Nice premise! Where do you plan to go with this idea? I’d like to hear more about the pandemic.
    If you’d like, you can check out my blog at cygnusprime.wordpress.com. It refers to a book I plan to try to market soon.

    Bill Kowaleski

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