Supply stops and goods procured

Like the previous post, this article is from the April 29, 2019 issue of The Informer. It’s a side-bar to that story, and describes the supplies “procured” by the Gilead residents during their foray into Bethel and Randolph.

Green Mountain Feeds: An entire eight-foot pickup truck bed was devoted to grain from GMF, totalling several thousand pounds of grain for chickens, pigs, goats, and horses, primarily cracked corn and oats, but also some extruded and pelletized feeds.

Mill’s and Bond: The plan for Mills Hardware and Bond Auto Parts was to procure as many supplies, implements and parts as possible (see the Central Supplies  and NAPA lists below), but the stores appeared inhabited and barricaded, so the convoy skipped them.

Bethel Mills: Although this would seem to be a no-brainer due to its lumber and other necessary goods, Bethel Mills was not included on the list due to its restricted ingress/egress and the concurrent potential for getting trapped.

Onion Flats: Due to its menu heavy on fried foods, Onion Flats was a source of significant amounts of used and unused cooking oil, which Eric Quinton will be able to filter and keep as fuel for converted Greasecar engines. Three of the 15 55-gallon drums taken on the mission for fuel-gathering were filled at Onion Flats. Cooking equipment was also procured.

White River Valley Ambulance: On the advice of EMT Jennifer Godin, the WRVA was raided for drugs and equipment to be used primarily in emergencies, and in a stroke of luck, one of the ambulances was working, and so was added to the convoy with Godin behind the wheel. Because the WRVA has its own diesel tank in back of the building, five more of the fuel drums were filled there.

Central Supplies: Some pressure-treated lumber was taken from Central Supplies, but due to space constraints, more room had to be allocated to other necessities, such as lanterns, lantern oil, work clothes, chemical fertilizers and other gardening supplies, and propane. The diesel tank in back of the store was emptied into the fuel drums, filling another four of them.

Shaw’s: The supermarket apeared to have been looted of food relatively recently, as the group found several opened containers of food that had not yet rotted significantly, although they also reported that the smell from the deli and meat counters was abominable. They were able to procure candles, salt, some canned food, and equipment such as kitchen-ware and insulated coolers.

Jim’s Sport Shop: This store was heavily barricaded and locked, but appeared to be uninhabited. Due to the critical nature of the equipment and supplies needed from the sport shop, the group dismantled the barricades with tools procured from Central supplies, and had to shoot the locks off the doors. Once inside, the full shelves of the store offered hunting supplies such as bows, arrows, ammo and firearms, boots, handwarmers, and clothes. There was also a significant amount of horse tack, supplements, and other equine materiel that was taken in anticipation of using horse-power to offset the need for using the automobiles any more than necessary.

NAPA Auto Parts: In order to keep vehicles running for as long as possible, auto batteries, tires, and parts of every description were procured.

Patrick’s Place: More cooking oil for fuel was procured here, as well as some food items. The oil filled one more of the fuel drums, leaving only two that came back to Gilead empty.


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